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We provide a range of plasterboard services in Enfield and the surrounding areas including acoustic boards and moisture boards

Plasterboard is primarily used to build partition wall linings or ceilings in a property. Partition, also known as stud, walls and ceilings can be used to create new rooms in your home or new office spaces in your commercial property.


There are many benefits to using plasterboard to build partition walls or ceilings. First of all, plasterboard is relatively easy to install, this means that it is also cheaper to install compared to other materials, and it is also easy to repair or replace if it is damaged. Furthermore, plasterboard can be used to create a smooth finish, making it easier to decorate once the wall or ceiling has been built.

We can also complete any overtacking of plasterboard in your property. If you have any old plasterboard and need to reinsulate your property then it could be possible to add a new layer of plasterboard onto the old one. This reduces the mess caused by removing the old plasterboard, and also greatly improves the insulation in your home.

Acoustic Boards

Do you have thin walls and noisy neighbours? Then acoustic plasterboard can help to soundproof your property, helping to reduce any external noise. This is particularly useful if you live in terraced housing or in a block of flats.

Moisture Boards

At Smooth Touch Plastering, we can also fit any moisture boards in your property. Moisture resistant plasterboards, better known as moisture boards, are created using silicone which gives them water repellent properties. This makes them perfect for any areas with high levels of moisture such as your kitchen or bathroom.

Plasterboard is made from sustainable materials and recycled and recyclable materials, meaning that it has a low environmental impact. As an insulating material, it also helps to keep your property warm, further decreasing your carbon footprint.

To discuss your plastering requirements further with a member of our team at Smooth Touch Plastering, give us a call today on 07429708623 where we can answer any additional questions regarding your plaster or lime plaster requirements, offer you a free quote and arrange a date to begin your service.

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